In 2005, research was presented at the Geological Society of America that the prognosis for the Lewis Glacier does not look good (whether due to human-caused global warming or just macro-cycles of climate change could not be determined).

This project isn’t about whether global warming is a reality or not. Rather, it’s about those of us who are saddened by the slow loss of the world’s glaciers. The glacierquilt community is working together to create a 300,000 sq meter quilt to comfort the Lewis Glacier, a nearly 20,000 year-old piece of ice near the artist’s hometown of Bend, Oregon. Once completed, the quilt will be installed on the glacier for a two-week period.

The project is involving school children from around Oregon and beyond through providing links to online teaching resources about glaciers. And then the schools are contributing to the quilt by sending messages to the glacier on old sheets, stained table-clothes, fabric remnants from grandma’s sewing closet…anything that can be sewn together.

Anyone who would like to be a part of this project is invited to write a personal note to the glacier on a piece of fabric (minimum 1/2 yard), and send it to: glacierquilt, 2041 NW Lakeside PL, Bend, OR 97703. Volunteers are also needed locally for sewing and for storing sections of the quilt. Once it comes time to install it, more volunteers will be needed to carry the sections up the mountain and put it together onsite. This is truly a community effort!

(This project is the brainchild of the artist Aaron Lish. Lish has facilitated participatory art projects around the globe, including bringing elements of nature in as participants. He has worked with bodies of water in Tibet, China, New Zealand, Canada, and around the US in their creating of self-portraits. This is his first project involving water in its solid state, and is by far his largest participatory-based undertaking.)

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